Mic Manager helps performers discover and manage shows around them.

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  • Easily schedule performers for your show.
  • Open up a waitlist for performers to sign up for your show (great for open mics!)
  • Book lots of shows? Give permission to hosts/venues to manage shows on your behalf.
  • Send reminders to performers to confirm they are still planning on performing. [Coming soon]


  • Update performers instantly with last minute schedule changes
  • Reduce confusion
    • No more scribbling on a piece of paper
    • Eliminate people constantly asking, “how many more comics before me?"
    • Estimate each performer’s start time
      • Joe goes on stage at 9:05pm
      • Mitch goes on stage at 9:20pm
  • Difficulty remembering new performers and visitors from out of town?
    • See their photos, bio, and credits. It makes bringing them on stage a breeze! [Coming soon]


  • Discover shows nearby and in cities you'll be traveling to.
  • Know what time you’re performing without pestering the host.
    • Optimize off-stage time to prepare your set list.
    • Not performing for a while? Relax and hang with other comics.
  • Get confirmations from bookers that you’re still on the show. [Coming soon]
  • Get to know other comics [Coming soon]
    • See their photos.
    • Read their bios.
    • Connect with them on Facebook/Twitter.

Easy to Use

  • Register in seconds with Facebook, Twitter, or just your email address.
  • Mic Manager works on PCs, Macs, tablets, and smart phones.
    • Tip: iOS users can pin it to their home screen and use it like a native app.

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